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Welcome to the OAPSE/AFSCME web site!

OAPSE/AFSCME is Ohio's largest union representing employees of public and private schools, public libraries, Head Start agencies, boards of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, residential care facilities, community and technical colleges and other private and public institutions. Over 38,000 employees have chosen to join OAPSE. For more on the jobs we do and how you can join the fastest growing union in Ohio, click here.

The OAPSE website contains a vast array of useful and relevant information that will keep you informed of the issues that affect your working lives. If you have not yet organized an OAPSE Local at your worksite, the website will provide you with all of the resources you need to determine if OAPSE is the right union for you.

Our taxes subsidize low-wage workers
According to a new study from the University of California at Berkeley's Center for Labor Research and Education:

The low wages paid by businesses, including some of the largest and most profitable companies in the U.S. – like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart – are costing taxpayers nearly $153
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The Budget Bottom Line
You don't have to wade through thousands of pages of the proposed state budget to see how Governor Kasich's spending priorities affect you and your family. Just click the link below to see a summary.
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Scholarship Application Period Over
The application period for the 2015 OAPSE/AFSCME Family Scholarship has ended. The scholarship committee will make its selections soon and will notify winners in May.
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Kasich Budget Favors Charter Schools
An analysis of the governor's budget shows a distinct financial favoritism of charter schools. Among the key findings is that every local school district in Ohio will lose more money to charters, leaving public schools with fewer resources to do the job of providing a quality educational experience.
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Decline in Unions Hurts Middle Class
Formerly a critic of unions, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, acknowledges he was wrong about the role they play in a strong middle class.
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Winners and Losers in Education Funding
Will your school get more or less money if Governor Kasich has his way with the biennial budget? Take a look.
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Kasich Budget Raises Taxes; Cuts Education
The governor's budget blueprint includes provisions which affect Ohio's educational system, resulting in decreases in state money to half of Ohio's school districts. The budget increases the state sales tax and taxes on seniors and retirees to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and business owners.
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OAPSE Member Killed Saving Student
OAPSE Local 113 member and bus driver Laura Zborowski was killed saving a child from a moving bus. She pushed the 10-year-old girl out of the way of the bus, which started rolling backward during a routine safety evacuation drill.
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Workers Vow to Fight Right to Work Bills
To mark Labor Day and the start of the fall campaign season, the Toledo Blade took a look at the possibility of Right to Work legislation being introduced after November 4 and how workers and unions will respond if it is.
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5 Facts on Ohio School Funding
Innovation Ohio has put together a list of facts about the school funding crisis in Ohio. The bottom line: Governor Kasich is no friend of public education.
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Update Your Voter Information
Early voting in Ohio begins October 7, so you must be registered to vote by October 6. Check today to make sure your information is correctly on file with the Ohio Secretary of State.
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More Opposition to Right to Work
Ohioans who value democracy will be right to reject any attempts to impose “right-to-work” laws in the Buckeye State. That's the word from an Ohio professor and author.
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Toledo Blade Opposes Right to Work
The Toledo Blade has come down on the side of workers and their unions in an editorial on the question of whether Ohio should become the next "right to work" state.
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How They Voted on Senate Bill 5
As you consider which politicians to support this November, take a look at how incumbent Ohio House and Senate candidates voted on Senate Bill 5.
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Election Law Changes Impact Voters
Ohio Republican lawmakers and the Republican secretary of state have made changes to Ohio election laws that directly impact OAPSE members, our neighbors, families and friends.
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