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Welcome to the OAPSE/AFSCME web site!

OAPSE/AFSCME is Ohio's largest union representing employees of public and private schools, public libraries, Head Start agencies, boards of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, residential care facilities, community and technical colleges and other private and public institutions. Over 38,000 employees have chosen to join OAPSE. For more on the jobs we do and how you can join the fastest growing union in Ohio, click here.

The OAPSE website contains a vast array of useful and relevant information that will keep you informed of the issues that affect your working lives. If you have not yet organized an OAPSE Local at your worksite, the website will provide you with all of the resources you need to determine if OAPSE is the right union for you.

Update Your Voter Information
Early voting in Ohio begins October 7, so you must be registered to vote by October 6. Check today to make sure your information is correctly on file with the Ohio Secretary of State.
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Group Vows to Protect Voter Rights
The Ohio Voter Bill of Rights movement (OVBR) pledged to move forward with the effort to gather signatures to ensure equal access to voting for all Ohioans and announced the “50th Anniversary Freedom Summer Initiative.”
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AFSCME Stands with Home Care Workers After Supreme Court Ruling
AFSCME members across the country are standing with the tens of thousands of home care and child care workers who were affected by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn. The court said that they are not full public employees and cannot be made to pay union dues. But AFSCME will continue
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Early Voting Hours Set
Early voting hours have been set for the three days preceding the November 4 General Election. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was ordered by a federal court to set uniform early voting hours.
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CEO Pay Soars, Worker Pay Sluggish
CEO compensation at the largest corporations has increased nearly 1000 percent since 1978, when adjusted for inflation. A typical worker’s compensation grew 10.2 percent over the same period.
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Judge Strikes Down Voting Restrictions
In a victory for the Democratic Party and voters across Ohio, U.S. District Judge Peter C. Economus granted a permanent injunction yesterday preventing Secretary of State Jon Husted from restricting or eliminating voting on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before all future elections.
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NY Times Notes Ohio Voting Shenanigans
The New York Times editorial board has weighed in on what Republican lawmakers are doing in Ohio to limit the voting opportunities of certain Ohioans. The editors spell out their disgust and disappointment with the actions of making it harder to vote.
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OAPSE Drivers Shine at Road-E-O
The results are in for the 2014 State of Ohio School Bus Driver Safety Road-E-O, and five OAPSE members finished in the top 10.
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Family Fun Days Coupons Available
OAPSE membership has absolute advantages, and one of them is discounted admission to some of the best family venues in Ohio.
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Sign a Voters Rights Petition
OAPSE members are among those circulating petitions to put an initiative on that ballot in the fall that would restore and strengthen the rights of all Ohioans to fair elections
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More Opposition to Right to Work
Ohioans who value democracy will be right to reject any attempts to impose “right-to-work” laws in the Buckeye State. That's the word from an Ohio professor and author.
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Toledo Blade Opposes Right to Work
The Toledo Blade has come down on the side of workers and their unions in an editorial on the question of whether Ohio should become the next "right to work" state.
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How They Voted on Senate Bill 5
As you consider which politicians to support this November, take a look at how incumbent Ohio House and Senate candidates voted on Senate Bill 5.
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Election Law Changes Impact Voters
Ohio Republican lawmakers and the Republican secretary of state have made changes to Ohio election laws that directly impact OAPSE members, our neighbors, families and friends.
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