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Welcome to the OAPSE/AFSCME web site!

OAPSE/AFSCME is Ohio's largest union representing employees of public and private schools, public libraries, Head Start agencies, boards of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, residential care facilities, community and technical colleges and other private and public institutions. Over 38,000 employees have chosen to join OAPSE. For more on the jobs we do and how you can join the fastest growing union in Ohio, click here.

The OAPSE website contains a vast array of useful and relevant information that will keep you informed of the issues that affect your working lives. If you have not yet organized an OAPSE Local at your worksite, the website will provide you with all of the resources you need to determine if OAPSE is the right union for you.

CSEA Brings Students Back Home
When a charter school closed and left 300 students without a school to call home, the members of Columbus City Schools, represented by OAPSE/CSEA, made it their mission to "bring those babies home."
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District Calendars Available
The district calendars have been updated through the school year.
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CEO Pay is Way Out of Whack
When compared to wages for averages workers, CEO pay is outrageous. The Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled that publicly-held corporations have to disclose information about the gaps, which is an important first step in curbing ridiculous pay at the top. Robert Reich has an opinion on the
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Ohioans Feel Economic Pain
Ohio workers are worse off now than they were 30 years ago -- regardless of what you are hearing from the governor and the leaders in the general assembly.
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Kasich Vetos Impact OAPSE Members
Governor Kasich used his line-item veto power to strike 44 provisions of a new state budget passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. Three of those vetoes directly impact OAPSE members and the families we serve.
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US Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act
The nation's highest court voted 6-3 to uphold "Obamacare" subsidies, meaning 6.4 million Americans and thousands of Ohioans can keep their health insurance.
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Senate Budget Cuts Taxes and Funding for Public Services
Ohio Senate budget cuts mean $1.2 billion less in revenue to fund education, libraries, programs for the disabled and other local government services. The Republican majority also included in the budget language that prohibits home health care workers and child care workers from joining unions.
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Ohio Charter Schools Failing
Ohio's charter schools are a national joke, according to education experts and the media. The Washington Post reports on their failure to properly education Ohio students.
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Spring 2015 OAPSE News Available Online
The latest issue of the OAPSE News is on its way to union members. But you can read it online now!
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2015 AFSCME Family Fun Days Coupons Available!
Because you are a member of OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4, you have access to great pricing at Ohio zoos and amusement parks.
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Decline in Unions Hurts Middle Class
Formerly a critic of unions, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times, acknowledges he was wrong about the role they play in a strong middle class.
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Toledo Blade Opposes Right to Work
The Toledo Blade has come down on the side of workers and their unions in an editorial on the question of whether Ohio should become the next "right to work" state.
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How They Voted on Senate Bill 5
As you consider which politicians to support this November, take a look at how incumbent Ohio House and Senate candidates voted on Senate Bill 5.
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Election Law Changes Impact Voters
Ohio Republican lawmakers and the Republican secretary of state have made changes to Ohio election laws that directly impact OAPSE members, our neighbors, families and friends.
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